Thursday, November 20, 2008

Adapting to Fall Fashion in Florida

One of my main reasons for moving to Florida was for the weather. Sun all the time, going to the beach in December and wearing short sleeves was all it took for me to pack up the Cobalt and hit the road. Now that I am hear, I miss seasons!

Don't get me wrong, I do not miss Southwest Virginia winters, where it snows eight times a year and can last up to seven months. What I do miss is wearing scarves, gloves, knee-high boots, hats and form-fitting coats. Why do I miss these things you ask? Because one gets tired, very quickly I might add, of shorts, sun dresses and skirts. Even Floridians tire of them, as we all anxiously wait for a slightly chilly day to bring out those favorite fall garments.

Lucky for us, the past few weeks have brought chilly winds and even temperatures in the mid 40s. I have been able to wear my knee high boots, a few sweaters and even a military-style jacket that I thought would be reserved for Christmas in Virginia. I have donned my favorite Houndstooth scarf on a few occasions, adding a winter touch to my outfits.

The weather is Florida has definitely taught me to appreciate seasons, especially since 70 degree weather is in the forecast for next week. Time to pull those shorts back out...

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